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Arbitration Seminar 2019

Society of Maritime Arbitrators, Inc.

The SMA will again offer its popular, comprehensive two day seminar

Maritime Arbitration in New York


TBD - Winter 2019


"3 West Club" at 3 West 51st Street, New York, NY 10019


This course is offered to help further and promote the fair, just, ethical and cost effective resolution of charter-party and other maritime contract disputes by arbitration in New York.


This course will be especially valuable to business professionals who are users of the arbitration process from issues arising under their company's contracts and charter parties. Attendees from shipowners, charterers, vessel operators, maritime claims adjusters, salvors, ship brokers, oil and chemical companies, insurers, traders and export/import companies should find the course an efficient way to gain an understanding of the current practices in New York maritime arbitration proceedings.


The course will also be uniquely beneficial to newly admitted maritime attorneys or lawyers with less than two years practice experience or those seeking a more comprehensive understanding of the process. The complete Program will qualify for up to 12 CLE credits (12 sessions) in "Areas of Professional Practice".


More information to follow in Fall 2018.

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