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The full text of arbitration awards decisions published by the Society of Maritime Arbitrators, Inc. (SMA) can be found in the USAWDS file of the Admiralty (ADMRTY) library. The SMA materials complement the collection of domestic and British case law, statutory and regulatory materials, relevant secondary legal and non-legal research sources also found in the ADMRTY library.

Where to Find Society of Maritime Arbitrators, Inc. Arbitration Awards Materials on the LEXIS®-NEXIS® services


The SMA materials may be searched using the following segments (example provided):

CONCUR All concurring opinions, including names of those writing and joining in them.
concur (weather work*** W/10 laytime)
CONCURBY Last name(s) of the arbitrator(s) writing concurring opinions.
concurby (van gelder)
COPYRIGHT Name of the publisher and the copyright year.
copyright (society maritime arbitrators)
COUNSEL Names of counsel appearing in the matter, and the parties they represent.
counsel (honan AND downey)
DATE Date of the arbitration decision. date = 11/1/1994
DECISION Full-text of the arbitrators' final decision. decision (demurrage time bar)
DISSENT All dissenting opinions or opinions which concur in part or dissent in part, including names of those writing and joining in them. dissent (siciliano)
DISSENTBY Last name(s) of the arbitrator(s) writing dissenting opinions or opinions concurring or dissenting in part.
dissentby (arnold)
NAME Names of the parties involved in the dispute; may include names of vessels and charter information.
name (scanchem chartering AND sunrise shipping AND asbatankvoy)
NUMBER Award number assigned by the Society of Maritime Arbitrators.
number (3025)
PANEL Names and titles of the arbitrators deciding the dispute.
panel (mordhorst AND arnold AND van gelder)


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